In any case, because of the restricted financial plan,

I chose to bet everything and spend the excess cash on one amazing pursuit question that may have taken the game to the top. This question was "euro truck test system 2." This was the name of a well known game that was accessible on Steam, so individuals were searching for it in portable application stores regularly, despite the fact that it wasn't there. As a component of this mission, we RajaQQ likewise advanced the question "euro truck test system" to impact both inquiry inquiries.

The offer lost. The game just moved as high as seventh situation in the United States under "euro truck test system 2" search question and up to the fifth situation in "euro truck test system." In some different nations, the game handled an even lower position.

We got some natural traffic, however there was no cash to help our situation in indexed lists for this catchphrase. Epic Split Truck Simulator's positioning started to progressively decrease in query items for every one of the catchphrases we had utilized. The downloads dropped as well.

A little while, the game settled at 50 downloads each day. We depleted our whole spending plan, we acquired some insight, and we froze the venture. Yet, we actually let the game stay in Google Play.

Unforeseen wind

The defining moment came toward the finish of November (a half year after the dispatch), when Epic Split unexpectedly started to develop fundamentally (primarily in Russia and CIS nations).

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Discovering the purpose for the unexpected development was difficult. The application wasn't highlighted in the application store, the pursuit inquiry positions continued as before, and the game didn't show up in curated records, for example, 'top applications' on the application store. After some exploration, I didn't locate a solitary notice of the game in any tech distribution or blog.

To discover where the clients came from, I started keeping in touch with every individual who left an audit, requesting that they reach me and disclose to me how and where they found out about the game.

It worked out that the game had some way or another discovered its way into the understudy local area. In the wake of finding Epic Split, these clients began to contend and attempted to beat each other in the game.

Epic Split started to spread through informal. This gave the application an incredible beginning push on Google Play, which at that point assisted the game with securing top situations for significant pursuit questions in the application store. It additionally ensured the item was gotten by the application stores' suggestion frameworks.

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