Azah votes to remove Derek, as well

In case you're a live-feed watcher, you realize Derek has been crusading perseveringly for himself during the previous few days, moving toward everybody — even acts of futility like Alyssa — with strong pitches for why they should keep him over Claire. The lone film we see on Thursday, however, is his discussion with Azah, wherein he clarifies how he can help her game in the weeks ahead. He even gets a little teared up when he comments the amount he thinks often about Azah, Tiffany and Hannah, and Azah looks hugely tangled after their visit. "Incredibly, very, amazingly persuading," Azah tells Derek, later adding to the camera that he "raised some truly valid statements."

THE EVICTION | But actually like Ted Lasso's AFC Richmond fans would advise you, it is the expectation that kills you — and that is at last the situation for Derek X. furthermore, anybody pulling for him at home. Derek gets a vote from Hannah and a compassion vote from Kyland… however at that point Tiffany, who's had Derek's back the entire week, votes to keep Claire when she goes into the Diary Room. (In a word: ?!?!)

By then, it's basically settled —— and he's eventually expelled in a 5-2 vote. (Cry!) But he gives everyone sweet farewell embraces and separating gifts, and Hannah, maybe determined by her blame from this previous week, uncovers that she was "really the most noticeably terrible" right-hand lady for Derek X. at the point when he discloses to her she was awesome. I mean… she's not off-base.

THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD COMPETITION | This week's HOH comp is a clear question and answer contest, with houseguests responding to valid or-bogus inquiries regarding Season 23 video cuts that played on the Memory Wall recently. Xavier tosses the opposition in the primary inquiry, Alyssa is by all accounts just barely getting by on fortunate right speculations… however eventually, it's Tiffany who rules, which carries this bummer of seven days to a somewhat more hopeful end (for everybody aside from Sarah Beth, that is).

In the mean time, it's America's last week to grant BB Bucks to the houseguests. What's more, notwithstanding the cash they procure from watchers this time around, players will likewise get extra BB Bucks from haphazardly chose envelopes that they picked during the HOH contest — yet they'll need to delay until they go into the High Roller's Room in the not so distant future to open them.

With that, I give it to you. Were you — like me! — baffled to see

Older sibling 23 Spoilers: Who Won The HOH, And What It Could Mean For Week 8


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Older sibling cast helping the Red Cross CBS

Caution! The accompanying contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 23 Week 8 HOH. Peruse at your own danger!

Derek Xiao made an honest effort to remain in the Big Brother game yet couldn't do what's necessary to influence the house to keep him over Claire Rehfuss. Eventually, the outcome actually eliminated another non-individual from The Cookout, which implies the greater part coalition (which is as yet under the radar) just has a couple of more Houseguests to remove from the game before they complete their Final 6 arrangement.

One more week implies one more opportunity at openness, however, so it was vit

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